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researchers and lecturers

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Małgorzata Łapińska

Main research areas: Ecohydrology, Applied freshwater ecology, Fish-based assessment,  River restoration, Environmental/Landscape Planning, Ecological education

Main research areas: Ecohydrology approach for freshwater management; Nutrient management for preventing freshwater ecosystems; Biotechnology for increasing denitrification effectivity/nitrogen removal in ecosystems

Main research areas: 

Research in the field of inland water ecology, including in particular on:

1. Interactions between the fish assemblage and abiotic and biotic factors in rivers and dammed reservoirs

2. Ecology of rheophilic fish

3. Aquaculture and fisheries

4. Stream channelization

5. Renaturalization and revitalization of zeutrophized water environment and evaluation of the effectiveness of near-nature solutions

Main research areas: Landscape ecology, Fish biodiversity, Sustainability of freshwater ecosystems, Socio-economic drivers of landscape transformation and biodiversity change

Main research areas: 

1. Analysis of the temporal and spatial dynamics of pollutant occurrence at the catchment scale, which takes into account meteorological, hydrological and also land use processes.

2. Analysis of processes related to self-purification of river systems, primarily through the dynamics of changes in bacterioplankton populations and sorption processes.

3. Creation of new and development of existing Ecohydrological Solutions Close to Nature to reduce the occurrence of pollutants in river systems, especially pesticide substances and phosphates.

Elżbieta Mierzejewska

Main research areas: The application of bio- and phytoremediation for the removal of persistent and emerging contaminants; and molecular analysis in environmental protection and evaluation of the effectiveness of near-nature solutions.

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